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Just Me

Parinaz Jokhi is a Speech and Drama teacher in the field for eighteen years. She lives in the vibrant locale of Bandra, Mumbai. Parinaz in addition to her teaching endeavors, now has embarked on an exciting journey as the author of her blog, “Faith” for conversations straight from the heart.

Parinaz enjoys her own company so you’ll see her taking long walks by the seaside and with her headphones on, Saturday nights.

Just Me

A devoted bibliophile, Parinaz has nurtured a lifelong passion for books. She is the author of “Red.” The collection of stories represents the realization of her cherished dream to venture into the realm of writing, offering readers a unique and engaging literary experience.

Visit the blog Red- The Dream in a Little Novelette to read about her journey.

About Red

“Red” delves into the intricate connection between Sarah Ansari’s life and her underlying struggle with mental illness, unravelling a profound mystery. Born into a modest middle-class family in the serene suburb of Bandra, Sarah’s world revolves around her hardworking father, Tariq Ansari, her mother, Salma Ansari, courageously battling schizophrenia, and her ever-doting brother, Imran Ansari. The narrative unfolds from her formative years to the challenges she faces in adolescence, culminating in the diagnosis of her mental illness. Through the trials and tribulations that persist into her adulthood, Sarah embarks on a profound journey that leads to a life-altering revelation.

Additionally, the narrative is enriched by a collection of nine poignant stories exploring the themes of love and life, drawn from the author’s blog, “Faith.”

Red by Parinaz Jokhi

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