Faith Logs

Hello Readers, I bring to you my November in Faith Logs. A fulfilling and sincere month with its fair share of joy and yes light. News to Share Before I begin to share the news I must say I do send out newsletters to my subscribers but never really have any news to share at... Continue Reading →

The Wait

They lived across from her. An elderly couple leading their lives. What broke her heart was the way the old lady looked out the window as if waiting for someone. She was quite the eavesdropper and noticed how empty their lives were. The man and woman never even spoke to each other. He would eat... Continue Reading →

The Hood

The hood is where I feel happiest - it's nostalgic, warm, and feels like home. It's played a big role in shaping my life.

Faith Logs

Hello! So even though I barely get a reader or two on some days here I am still putting out Faith Logs for you. Well yes because I’m faithful. I live on those moments when someone takes the time to tell me they liked an article it really makes my day. I haven’t figured out... Continue Reading →

The Caregiver

Ek Kahaani-Short Stories from a common girl. The Caregiver a story of a woman always there for her family and how one day things break down.

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