Ellie the dachshund was the most remarkable dog. She was bold, friendly and lively. When she took a walk down the beach with her dog walkers everyone would turn to see her confident strut. 

She loved being outside. The children in the neighborhood took to Ellie and they would love playing with her on the beach.  She would love the attention. Karan seven years old, would be too shy to play with the others but Ellie would always walk up to him and nudge him to play. Karan loved her, for him Ellie was his best friend. 

Ellie was a little ray of sunshine wherever she went. Her owners Namrata and Sahil once back from work would devote all their time to her. They saw to it that she was given all the care she needed while they were gone. They would do everything with her eat together, watch movies, swim on trips and take naps together.

One winter Ellie didn’t come for her walks and the neighbourhood children wondered where she was. Karan softly cried to his mother that he missed her. They all assumed Ellie must have gone on a trip somewhere because she often did with Namrata and Sahil. Days passed and no one had seen Ellie.

Then one crisp sunny evening there came Ellie in the distance, confidently walking towards them. The children were thrilled to see her then noticed something quite strange. Ellie was attached to a wheel chair as she came closer to them, they found it even had her nameplate on it. Karan went running to Ellie he wondered what happened and cried and knelt down beside her. Namrata who was by her side explained that Ellie had a spinal issue and dachshunds usually have this problem due to their long torso and would need the wheelchair from now on. The children all looked a little worried. Ellie looked most happy because she could walk and still play with her friends. She hadn’t lost her confidence, her happy gait and she still felt like sunshine. She licked the tears off Karan’s face and soon they were all playing together.

Ellie still walks on the beach you may spot her with her name in bold letters ‘ELLIE’ on the front of her wheelchair and you will almost always feel like sunshine is walking towards you.


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