Education with Purpose

I was drawn into teaching straight after college and even though I did not have all the necessary qualifications I learnt on the job. So, although my theoretical knowledge is not too great practically, I’ve done well to sustain as a teacher. In this series Education Matters- I share my views and thoughts to hopefully spark some discussions on teaching and education in general.

We don’t need no education
We don’t need no thought control
No dark sarcasm in the classroom
Teacher, leave them kids alone

Many would believe with the Pink Floyd song that we don’t need education because it really doesn’t teach one to apply the knowledge received in the real world. I believe education sometimes may not hold meaning or value in the present but it translates and guides one in the years to come whether it maybe in one’s chosen field or life in general.

Growing up I was taught to approach learning of every kind with sincerity and I still end up recollecting things I may have learnt in fifth grade and finding it useful somehow. As a teacher education has helped me immensely from emulating my teachers as role models and applying their teaching styles to my own or remembering how my drama teacher conducted a class full of theatre games to encourage spontaneity and finding that I could do the same in my class and achieve the same active and enthusiastic response from the children. Education leaves an impact on you even though one may want to deny it. Although if you ask me to say my tables I’ll look the other way.

When classes went online, the drama students I taught could handle an entire event independently on skills they had picked up in class in a fun way. It was a very proud moment for me that they could apply their learning into something tangible independently.

Education can fulfil a purpose at any point in your life even your adult life. You may want to learn a new language, change careers, pick up a skill education can help direct you maybe not show how to exactly but it can guide you and motivate you. It is a point where you can start your journey. It is a great feeling when you realize that learning still can give you a thrill and you can enjoy it. 

Education moulds students into being more responsible citizens but it can be harmful when we don’t realize the potential and also the limitations a student may have. If you drive a student to achieve a learning goal that he is incapable of or lacks interest in it could be detrimental to the growth of a child.

Our education systems are usually built in a way where there are endless tests, assignments, projects constantly that parents are faced with driving their children to achieve all those tasks. Students face a burnout even before they can reach college. The system needs to change which will slowly. As a parent one can keep a check on their child’s time management and give him ways to cope and let him learn in his own rhythm. Also take notice of what your child really loves and uncover that potential. We all do not want just happy children we want happy adults too and an adult who can find work that he loves will translate to being a better citizen as well. I remember a teacher once saying that we do not want our children only to be doctors, lawyers, engineers or scientists. We want musicians, artists, photographers, dancers, and actors too. Education therefore must have a meaningful purpose in the student’s life be it a child or adult.

Education with a purpose and what it means to me-

P-arents fulfil a crucial role in educating their child. A school cannot help a student without the perfect combination and interaction of the student, teachers and parents.

U-nderstand a student’s potential and help him with the limitations. A school that encourages talent is a healthy and happy school. Parents who nurture a child’s specific talent without believing that the child needs to go to a multitude of classes which would only drain the child out. Find that innate talent in your child. He does not have to be good at everything.

R-apport with a student whether you are teaching guitar or math helps motivate a student to appreciate and enjoy the learning process.

P-erfect a skill and educate yourself at any age. Do not hesitate to revisit taking notes, listening to lectures, or doing assignments. You may find it inspiring at any age.

O-pt for an education that is for you and does not work against you. Do not compel yourself to study rocket science when you really like to paint.

S-ystem change that caters to students of different needs is essential and the need of the hour.

E-ngaging the student in the learning process and making the students a part of it and not staying separate would be beneficial to the learning outcome.

Education holds great impact in your life in different seasons and at any age. Sometimes it is invisible but it is still driving you in a way. The key is to approach what it offers you with sincerity and a willingness to imbibe what you are learning with an open heart always.

Education with Purpose
Education with Purpose

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  1. Insightful reading, drawing reference to pertinent pointers that are often overlooked and overshadowed by educators and parents alike, in the rat race for achieving grades..!!!

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