A Day at the Tata Mumbai Marathon

The Tata Mumbai Marathon, is an annual international marathon held in Mumbai, India, on the third Sunday of January every year. It is the largest marathon in Asia as well as the largest mass participation sporting event on the continent.

The Journey

I knew it would be a great experience when my sister and I finally decided to enter the marathon for the Dream Run. We took an early train to get to the venue and met some enthusiastic marathoners who made good company on the journey. When we arrived at the destination station it was alive with teams of different companies and groups all in an array of vibrant colors, chanting slogans and waving flags. 

Tata Mumbai Marathon

The Assembly

Everyone headed slowly in hordes to Azad Maidan for the assembly. There were close to 55,000 participants across different categories of races. The chill morning air was mixed with the electric energy of the marathoners. Once there we slowly made it through the holding area to arrive at the start for the Dream Run.

Tata Mumbai Marathon

The Dream Run

I loved this part of the walk because we were surrounded with old structures and great architecture and it made a beautiful backdrop for the marathon. The marathoners made quite a crowd but it moved as one throbbing entity. Once through the start line with a lot of pomp we focused on a slightly faster pace. The sea face at Nariman Point was lit with different NGOS along the way setup on stages entertaining the crowd. Even the Naval Band performed for the marathoners. Then it was up Princess Street Bridge which gave a tremendous view of the marathon below us. It was a quick and easy finish with confetti and colorful streamers. We took a few pictures of us with our medals proud to have completed the Dream Run.

Tata Mumbai Marathon
Tata Mumbai Marathon

Architecture of South Mumbai

My sister and I later took a walk around South Bombay, something I had not done in ages. It felt great taking a few good photographs along the way and admiring the architecture. Then tired and happy we headed home.

The marathon made me feel a part of the city, it was moreover great bonding time with my sister, Kash and it was refreshing to have spent my Sunday doing something out of the blue.

South Bombay
South Bombay
South Bombay

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  1. Loved the article. I could feel the vibe through your words. You also absorbed so much of your surroundings along your journey. I bet the naval band playing was one of your favourite moments.
    Thanks for sharing

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