iPhotograph- Surfaces


A photograph keeps a moment from running away- Eudora Welty

I have always loved photographs and I think everybody does. It is wonderful to capture a moment or memory or a beautiful scenery to keep forever. 

Pretty Petals on my Path

I feel happy and excited when I click a pretty picture, so to start every month on a good note I’d like to share pictures instead of words.

Walk down Memory Lane


This January I picked a theme I began to call Surfaces. On my almost solitary walks during the pandemic, I started to find what was on the ground very intriguing, creative, and pretty. Now I make it a habit to keep a look out for something new, a pattern or something unique. I have put them together as collages.

Shadows and Light

Always look up they said

But I happened to look down one day

I found beauty there too

Almost like the wondrous sky up there

Surfaces of a Different Kind- Kanha Tiger Reserve
The top most picture felt as though it snowed here

When you think you’re sinking

When you think you’re sinking

And can only think of giving up

Rest awhile and do the things you love

In them you’ll find the answers

For the road ahead

In them you’ll find the strength 

To carry on with faith

Life is just a maze always

Leading you to the place

You need to be the most

So, take a while to rest

And do the things you love

For in them you’ll find the answers 

In them you’ll find the strength

Rain Paintings

I hope you liked them and would love for you to tell me in the comments which one you found interesting. Wishing we all have a beautiful January and I trust that you will always have a reason to come looking for something to read here at Faith.

Dragonflies, Old Fishing Boats, Floating Flowers and Companions

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