Silent Friendships

We feel relationships are formed when we communicate our feelings and emotions be it a friend or to family. Have you ever noticed though that there are some relationships created on non-verbal communication? That somewhere in your life you have developed silent friendships with certain people.

That in our everyday life we grow to acknowledge the presence of some people without ever saying anything to each other. Some years ago, new neighbours came in to live across the building from me. I found with time that I enjoyed having their presence next to me especially because I spend so much of my time on the balcony. It appeared as if they would look out for me on days I was not in the best of moods or in tears over something. Their laughter made my day. I felt as though they were my cheer leaders and always on my side even though I could be wrong. They would always be around when I worked till late.

They felt like my very own although I was too shy to ever speak to them.

Silent Friendships

I never understood how precious this fragile link was, for we always pretended to be strangers. Until one day they decided to move away. It completely broke my heart and I felt a deep vacuum inside of me like someone had pulled a rug out from under me.

Relationships are built with those who pull you up, teach you to have fun and more importantly with those who love to see you smile. As humans it is amazing how we can use non-verbal communication to convey deep messages and emotions.

I found a certain kinship to a family I did not know at all and to this day as I sit on my balcony I can sense their presence, their presence that always made me feel like a part of their own family. It may not have been the greatest of all friendships but it was in a way a silent friendship which always said, “Hey I’m here for you!” I hope perhaps they would return someday and this time I could summon up my courage to say hello.

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