She went Missing

I thought I would work with a photo prompt for today’s blog post. It led to a story– She went Missing.

Life sometimes brings you the people you love, it brings happy seasons and sometimes it brings you to your knees. Your life is forever changed and filled with deep regret. She will always be the princess of my heart and I her tortured soul. 

I fell in love with her when I was not yet in my teens. She was the sweetest little thing. The apple of my eye. We were cousins born into royalty. In those days we married young and I was all too happy when it was arranged for us to marry.

I loved her. I could go hours listening to her talk. She doted over me innocent as she was, she loved me too. She never left my sight. I taught her things and we spent many days taking walks in the gardens and playing.

 One day we visited a foreign place and we were having the time of our lives with our family. We went to an amusement park one bright sun filled morning. She clung to me as I took her around the park trying to involve her in games and rides. 

Then the unthinkable happened she let go of my hand for only an instant and my life came to a halt. She went missing. I panicked my heart racing, my eyes scanned the crowd and screamed her name but the noise of the crowd was deafening and thwarted my urgent cry for help. I swirled among the crowd like a dervish and finally wept down on my knees when my family finally found me distraught. I could not stop apologizing for losing her.

They told me later how we called the police after that and sent search teams everywhere but I couldn’t hear anything or feel anything. In my mind I could hear her laughter repeatedly and I relived the moment that her soft, tiny hand left mine and my world snapped shut. I went mad.

We never found her even after desperate attempts to, the apple of my eye, my one love, my only love to this day. I will never forget the day she went missing. It’s etched in my soul, her name courses through my veins. Sarah…..

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