The Light Between Oceans- M. L. Stedman

[Highlighted Excerpts taken for reference from The Light Between Oceans- M. L. Stedman ]

The Light Between Oceans- M L Stedman

The Light Between Oceans M.L. Stedman is a beautiful story of a lighthouse keeper and the secrets he keep while breaking the rules.

The Lantern Room

I loved this passage for the description of the lantern room in the lighthouse. The way Tom explains and shows Isabel how a lighthouse light is a concentrated beam, focused by special lenses. Because of its highly increased intensity, this beam of light can travel a very long distance. It also introduces Isabel to her new world with Tom.

The Light Between Oceans- M L Stedman


Isabel having had miscarriages instinctively holds the child washed on the beach in a boat. Instantly she connects to a child as if it were her own and she the mother. She was already humming her a lullaby while her husband the light keeper had to account for things. Everything had to be accounted for. Would they keep this baby a secret? The story reveals itself after.

The Light Between Oceans- M L Stedman

Tom’s secret notes to Hannah Roennfeldt the biological mother to Lucy shows the conflict of a man wanting to do the right and honest thing and the love for his wife and his daughter. He chooses truth right till the very end.


The torment for a child to be pulled away from her parents and her confusion of being called Grace and not Lucy. The separation and anxiety she felt comes through in these passages. The anguish for Hannah for having her own child not accept her comes through here.

The Letter

The Letter

Tom’s letter to Izzy to ask for forgiveness and for giving away her child and the impact it has on her as a wife torn between man and child is overwhelming at this point of the book.

The Light between Oceans- M.L. Stedman tells us a story of separation how your life could wash up somewhere and take on a different path and in the heart of the passage I found the joys that motherhood can bring, the faith of a mother and the moment of truth that can change everything.

Do secrets of the past always reveal themselves eventually and can your past and present converge to rewrite your future?

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