A Bookish Dream

If you could have something named after you, what would it be?

Don’t take me into a book store unless you’re prepared to drag me out.

Books mean a lot to me. I love how a book can draw me in and shut out the world. I also love the storytellers of books how beautifully they can weave a story and lead you into a character’s life, the places and events.

Lately I’ve been reading books about reading and books and the joy books bring. Also the deep significance they have in people’s lives. If there’s something I would love having my name on it would be a book shop.

I can almost picture it quaint, nestled in a lane where I live with books streaming out on the pavement.

It would be so beautiful to know the different kind of people who visited it and what they liked to read. Parinaz doesn’t quite fit in with books but maybe Parinaz and Just Books or Parinaz’s Hood of Books could work.

I think books don’t force you to believe in things they’re there for a moment and leave a feeling inside of you. You’re swept in until you close it. We have just a few bookshops left around our neighbourhood having one would create a certain warmth and welcome people to read more.

Why again a bookshop? Books have been a joy through loneliness and sometimes I feel each book I read will lead me to something special. That’s why I always almost set one down and pick up the next. Also it would be great to own a bookshop working towards the love for reading.

The image underneath, of a book shop owner so content reading and sitting amongst the books is the picture I have of a perfect book shop.

A Bookish Dream

Parinaz’s Hood of Books would be a bookshop that is filled with the morning light streaming into it and where evenings would be filled with storytelling and people sharing their own stories, discussing books and children taking a new book home to read for the week and teenagers squatting on the floor scanning books they may want to read. A bookshop named after me. Yes! I really liked this prompt! I throw back the question at you. What would you like named after you?

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