Fate resigned

A little story

Let me tell you a little story about fate. 

Once there was a woman who spent most of her 20s in a regular nine to five office job. She worked hard and found the years slipping by and she started becoming increasingly unhappy. She quit her job to take a break but the worry of being unemployed led her to take on a new one.

She worked for a few years and found herself uneasy again. She was so tired of herself for having to hold on to her job, was so difficult for her. She felt a kind of emptiness sweep over her.

She soon quit yet again but this time she allowed herself to just be. She resigned to her fate and could not fight it anymore. In her free time, she started to do the things she loved again. In her solitude she drifted towards learning the piano and soon with lessons she started to work harder and harder at it. She did not realize but fate was here to take her in a different direction and this time she did not resist it. She found herself happier than she ever was and the day finally arrived when she had her first piano recital.

Her paths had meandered repeatedly to bring her to her solitude where she would find her true destiny her music and her life forever changed.

When it is all finished you will discover it was never random.

This quote like the story is one I truly believe in that our life although it goes through its ups and downs and brings with it certain events and circumstances that seem never to flow at times, yet they are not entirely random.

I believe each moment of my life has been for a reason and to bring me to another phase of my life and we have certain experiences because our souls are connected to different people each having a different purpose in our life and they must meet.

We all come across times when we say why is this happening only to me? With it we also see our courage come through, our mental strength tested and our ability to find solutions even though things seem dark and a little desperate. We do come out stronger from such times and life with only happy moments would not help one realize the inner strength that you have and what you can accomplish with it. 

Life a jig saw puzzle

Even our most memorable moments they are all linked to our destiny and they have a reason a purpose in our lives. Life is one jigsaw puzzle and you will find the dots connect sometimes and at times the missing pieces have yet to be revealed. 

I feel our lives are already chalked out like a gigantic map and we are only following the signs to get to our next destination.

We will still never be able to fathom an event so tragic it devastated one’s entire life but maybe our fate is just interlinked to someone’s else’s and it is our fate to go through it.

We do belong to the universe and we are all inexplicably linked to one another. So, if you find yourself in a season in your life you cannot comprehend relax because whatever is meant to be will be but you do have the power over the choices you make and for the most part can control your destiny. 

Fate leads him who follows it and drags him who resists. -Plutarch

We follow a chart

Go through the ups and downs

We question life

But in the end it is fate resigned

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