Did you know there were three types of sunsets civil, nautical, and astronomical? Neither did I and this is not a science lesson but my many moments in iPhotograph-Sunbeam today, trying to catch memorable sunsets.


Don’t we all love chasing sunsets? I have loved how some sunsets are calm and serene while others play a riot of colours in the sky. Often, I wait until twilight until that last speck of colour turns to grey.


How with the change in season the pop of colours changes from fiery skies after a storm to lavender and pink skies in the winter to orange glows at times.


I have never been more entertained than watching the sky put up a light show in the evening. It is a special time when one connects to nature after a busy day. It reminds you to take notice of the beauty around.

Sunsets by the beach

Sunsets remind us to pause and introspect on the day gone by and that you have made it through another day. I have always felt exhilarated after watching a sunset and most times I’m guilty of not staying in the moment and trying to capture the colours fading by. 


It is also nice how the beach usually fills up during sunset and there’s a positive vibe and energy in that moment.

Streets of Gold

A sunset for me has always been a moment to reflect, feel rejuvenated, release the day and all that it has been, staying connected to nature and of course the reminder that after every sunset there will be a new tomorrow.

April is all about summer and more sunsets and even though summers are not like they used to be when you were a kid wild and free, it’s still a time to be happy and drinking colas, eating ice cream. Hope April brings you merry days and many memorable moments like the ones in iPhotograph- Sunbeam and that you keep looking out for more in iPhotograph. This is my April to do list, what’s yours?

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