I am in the habit of linking some of my posts to the pandemic. It is because for me it was a time of learning and I discovered so many things about myself personally and professionally back then. Also, because things changed too and what I thought was good and would stay forever was something I gave up on. This February I dedicate iPhotograph to 2020.


Things were so different then from complete isolation to being able to step out before the curfew limitations. The walks I took brought me much solace. I would even sneak out for a twenty-minute walk between my online classes in the morning to help rejuvenate myself and clear my energies for the day. 

Nature Healing

I found in those walks that the air was so fresh and it felt as though nature was healing and restoring itself from the jolt that we give it every day. Flowers bloomed where I had seen none and there was one sunset among many that was spectacular. I also found that there were a few like me who never stopped taking a walk down. It made me very happy to step out when I could and sometimes it would just be me. 

The Marsh

These photographs were ones I loved taking. When I say iPhotograph it really means that all I do is use my phone camera but that pictures give me great joy yours and mine alike and they mean something to me.


You will see in some of the pictures that I had to group together there are some so solitary and secluded and then how the street started filling up gradually and people wanted to get back to life again after the initial fear had subsided. It was a time when everyone collectively felt the same emotions and a kind of simplicity ran through the evenings I spent on my street. 

Life again
Life Again

I hope you like the pictures and I know you must have the same kind of photographs tucked in there somewhere in your gallery.

On a lighter note, I hope February is filled with laughter because I for sure need more of it. Come to Faith this February on a lazy Sunday morning, put your feet up and browse through what is coming this month. Nothing fancy, just simple thoughts from a simple girl.

Meanwhile look at my 2020 in iPhotograph. See ya!

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  1. Loved the way you captured and categorised the different seasons of COVID. Really captured the emotions well in each picture. I can almost hear and recall the deafening silence of those days we experienced during the lockdown through the pictures.
    Rightly said , it was a time when everyone collectively felt the same emotions

    Nice work Pari. Keep ’em coming!

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