iPhotograph- Bandra and Graffiti

Bandra has a large collection of street art or graffiti. The paintings on walls are principally located in the vicinity of Chapel Road and Veronica Street, but prominent works are also visible near Bandstand and Mount Mary Church. They consist of various types of graffiti, including pieces, stencils, tags, etc. Globally renowned artists such as Gomez have created works on these walls. St+art Mumbai, Bollywood Art Project and Dharavi Art Room are some of the organizations that conduct various programs to encourage the artists.

A dear friend once took me down on a Bandra walk through some by lanes even I had never seen though living here all my life. So, when another friend said she wanted to take some photographs around Bandra I took her down the same streets.

Being a photographer, she later went on to help us make a zine of the photographs we had taken. It was a fun and interesting culmination to the day we had exploring the quiet suburb of Bandra. I have arranged the photographs here the way they appear in the zine. Browse through it like a gallery.

We both enjoyed the graffiti we found along the way. This one graffiti of a lady was my favorite because it was in an obscure lane and if you looked at the wall you would not even notice it was there and if you looked carefully, it would emerge the most beautiful painting ever. It became the cover page to my zine.

We found graffiti art of Russell and his mum Ninnette, one of the iconic and legendary heroes Amitabh Bachchan who I found difficult to fit in a frame and Madhubala as Anarkali.

Our Zine

Bandra to me is a place that I have my roots set in and though the place is small it is as though my whole world revolves around it and it always somehow has more to give. It is like they say you could go to any part of the world but there’s nothing like coming home. I have not roamed the world but I know if I ever I did I could never let go of Bandra and the charm that this place lends. 

Bandra it’s quaint, it’s friendly, it’s cool, it’s got the magnificent sea and palm trees swaying, it’s my comfort zone, my hood, my home.

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