Happiness is when you’re right beside me

What are three objects you couldn’t live without?

Strange the affection which clings to inanimate objects-Objects which cannot even know our love! But it is not return that constitutes the strength of an attachment.- Letitia Elizabeth Landon
Happiness is when you're right beside me

We are to be attached to only the living but often I seem to develop a need for an inanimate object.


At a store I visited with my mum often, while paying at the counter once I saw the cutest little soft toy puppy, a fridge magnet looking back longingly at me. I found such kindness towards it that at once told mum that I’ll be taking it.

When I went home I made the terrible mistake of well putting it up on the fridge and it stayed there for many years. Sometimes I would give it a kiss and a hug. Until one day I couldn’t see his puppy eyes looking sadly at me and I took him down and made him my own.

He became a friend to me at a time when I needed someone and I started treated it much like a pet dog. I named him Red he is my book thief, my dance partner on a Saturday night, I’ve knitted him his own big shirt almost like the one I have and a summer t shirt, he’s my monkey, my family and I can’t do without him. I even sneaked him into a concert once because I didn’t want to leave him behind. I can’t imagine a life without Red and what I love most about him is he seems to have his own expressions when I talk to him or do a little dance with him.

Love for a Diary and a Pen

From the time I was little I had my own diary and I’ve always had the habit to put down my deepest thoughts and emotions in it. I’m guilty sometimes for it just being a love diary of sorts but it translates to many things from to do lists to plans, to setting down goals and giving myself the occasional pep talk. Right now I have around four to five diaries for different things. I feel a sense of calmness when I write down something. I also feel it helps when you write down your vision it helps you to see it through better than if it was just a thought in your mind. Pens are something I can never have enough of. Currently I like using a simple click black pen. I love doodling with it too. So a diary and a pen are the other two objects I can’t do without and need by my side constantly.

Red, a diary and a pen they mean as much to me as any person in my life and forever will bring meaning to my life especially in solitude. They have a soul and are connected to us if we do the same. Red, my diary and a pen mean happiness when they’re right beside me.

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