Failure is Opportunity in Disguise

How has a failure, or apparent failure, set you up for later success?

Success is not final.
Failure is not fatal.
It is the courage to start that counts.

We often take failure as the end for everything. When in fact failure helps us chart new territories and discover talents that are deep within us. Failures often defeat us but all we need is the courage to start over again and find that there are opportunities waiting for us.

When I quit my job of nine years I was a little lost. I went into a series of job applications and interviews. Even though I would get past the interview I found it difficult to hold on to the job due to my inability to cope and adjust to new situations. Quitting on an impulse endless times brought with it low self esteem and a feeling that I would never be able to work again. I lost confidence in my skills and even my years of experience. I felt like a complete failure.

A brief sabbatical where I was constantly ill from worry and stress slowly brought with it a cathartic moment where my mind relaxed and could think of what my next step could be.

When I gained some clarity my mind instantly came up with solutions and I took small steps to get back to working. Eventually I applied again after working from home for awhile and was called for a job that transformed my life.

It brought out the best in me. It not only made me realize that I could indeed work again and I still had a drive somewhere in me but it brought out skills and talents that I never knew I had and was capable of. It also required a lot of multi tasking which I tackled by staying organized. I enjoyed every minute of it and it made me feel successful in my own field.

A success doesn’t always mean the end of failures or regrets sometimes the universe pushes you and coaches you to find your strength and resilience and make you into the best version of you.

Failures have often reminded me that it’s never the end of the road, it’s like a test to set you up for greater things and what you discover about yourself in failure you never lose. Failures are often opportunity in disguise and a path to your true purpose.


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