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What better way to have started the month than going to watch a gig of one of your favorite bands. Yes, for me March took off to a great start on a musical note when I treated myself to watch Blackstratblues perform at a club in Mumbai. Things looked dicey when the ever indecisive me was about to cancel plans but then went for it. 

Faith Logs

Ode to a Sunny Day

It was a great night with all my favorite pieces from Anuva’s Sky to Ode to a Sunny Day and Folkish Three vibrating loud. Blackstratblues are an instrumental band but their songs always seem to tell a story. I love how some of them go into a loop reach a crescendo and go back into a loop. Their music is really transcending.

This month has been all about opening up and trying to come out of my self-imposed isolation. Family and friends have been great with their warm invites and it has brought in me a good change. I also finally found some clarity while listening to my very own favourite playlist Dance into the Light. We often feel sorry for ourselves at time and fail to see what is in front of us. I finally know what my 2023 is going to be like and I am pretty much at peace with myself for discovering it.

Latest Posts

Enjoyed putting these posts together-

A Tale of Love- Achilles and Patroclus because for me it was a tender and intimate tale of love and unlike something I’ve ever read.

This month I tried answering the daily prompts on WordPress and they transformed into beautiful little posts and was a fun exercise for me. 

Happiness is when you’re right beside me was one such one.

 I love putting out something in Ek Kahaani and this time it was a story of love lost. It was a photo prompt that instantly brought up a memory and one I put in She went Missing.

Little Joys

My printed canvas is coming along nicely although it will be ages till, I can bring it to completion. I’ve been reading the Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris, As a Man Thinketh by James Allen and The Book Collectors by Delphine Minoui this month. My garden surprised me with some peace lilies one bright Sunday morning. It was a happy day. What made you happy this month? Do write in the post comments for Faith Logs.

I would like to keep Faith going strong and for that I need readers like you who find a little special something in the blog. Thank you for supporting me and keep browsing Faith

I am going to wrap this Faith Logs and keep looking out for my next concert tickets. 😉

Keep the Faith always!

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