The Woman with the many Diseases

One day she spent some time at the hospital and could only see disease all around her. She felt as though she maybe too struck with an illness because there seemed to be so much sickness in the world. Then in the room came a lady with a pleasant smile. She seemed fine and fit until the doctor asked her about her history.

Every question asked by the doctor came with a yes. Do you have hypertension? Yes. Do you have diabetes? Yes. Do you have asthma? Yes. The list was endless. She would have surgery the next day not a minor one but here she was completely fearless sitting cross legged in her hospital pajamas and speaking to her sister as if she was home. So comfortable and confident, serene and positive. A total acceptance of her illnesses. Even on the day of the surgery she seemed completely unafraid and alert to questions.

Positive energy
The woman with the many diseases

She wondered how this lady with the many diseases could be so calm in the face of grave illness. Maybe she was like that because she didn’t fear illness or even probable death she knew it was a way of life. She came back from the surgery ever so smiling and her courage made her seem to recover faster. In between constant conversations with her sibling they found solace in reading verses from the Bhagwad Gita a sign that their faith in God didn’t falter in times of distress it only became deeper.

She spent time at the hospital and could see only disease around her but the woman with the many diseases made her realize that one can not run from the things that are fated for us, greet them with a smile and a positive heart and perhaps bridges would be crossed and your time on earth maybe extended for a few more precious moments.

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