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Faith has crossed over fifty posts since starting last November and it has been a great experience for me putting this website together. There are a few things I have been learning along the way and it has been interesting to find out more. Today in my Faith Logs I list five benefits that blogging brought for me: –

Faith is Busy

Learning to set up a Website

I was under the impression that blogging was purely writing up a blog and posting it. It also came with a range of things I needed to do to set up the website. It required a lot of reading and carefully following steps and instructions. I felt elated when I got past something technical. In time I also learnt to work with my theme and add categories too. I was pleased with the outcome but there is so much more that I need to learn and I know I will gradually because sometimes having a website forces you to know a few things and when I’m in doubt I turn to the happiness engineers for help and assistance. It felt like a learning experience.

Being Creative

When I could finally focus on the blogs, I realized I had to constantly stay creative. Finding the right topics, trying to weave a post from scratch, adding images to lend some design to it they all required creativity. I also had to be consistent with creativity which could be difficult sometimes but it gave me a chance to create a website I had in mind.

Staying Occupied

I’m going through a period when I have taken a decision to be at home so the blog has been significant in keeping my mind occupied. It keeps me really busy and has helped me to take more interest in the writing process.

Learning from and Reading other Blogs

When you just start a blog, you become so overwhelmed with setting it up, it does not give you much time to focus on other things. Lately though I’ve been discovering blogs to read and I just love it when I find one that resonates with me and even sometimes familiar to one of my own categories. I’m glad I’m not only sharing my own posts but taking time to read others and learning from them too.

Taking Pride in it

Having a website and taking pride in it even when no one is reading is something special for me. I like that there is something I can call my own and work hard at even though I’ve realized results are hard to come by. It still makes me incredibly happy and I hope I can sustain it.

Hope you had a chance to read my recent posts. Here they are if you haven’t.

Thandai Pudding
Delayed April To Do- Thandai Pudding✔️

May has been about being there for my parents, trying to stay active and working on my little dreams no matter how unattainable they seem to be at the present. Faith loves to see new followers and it makes me happy that in a miniscule way the blog is growing. Thank you for dropping by and having a look at Faith.

Thought from Faith

Sometimes things maybe dark

A helping hand towards someone may go a long way

When you care for another

Do not give up on caring for yourself

Remember your dreams and give them wings to fly

Faith Logs
Cool Car Cool Street

It’s time to sign out of Faith Logs. Hope next month is bigger and brighter for all of us. Don’t forget to click on for that something sweet, for that something simple, for that something which comes straight from the heart.

Keep the Faith Always!

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