iPhotograph- The Chase

Do you sometimes get afraid to even cross the street to the other side? Well I have this route I take for a walk. It’s not very busy except for a few dog walkers with the sweetest dogs. I dislike crossing over to the other side, the promenade where it’s teeming with people.

The Chase
A Beautiful Sunset Emerging

In other words I prefer staying in my comfort zone. This one day last month as I was getting my workout I saw the sky turning into a beautiful orange hue. I instantly started clicking pictures but I knew it would be so beautiful towards the sea side where I don’t go. So I raced towards the next entrance of the promenade and the most endearing sunset met me.

Perfect View
Perfect View

I can never capture it the way I see it, it’s more beautiful in front of my eyes. The people walking about the promenade made the sunset even more enchanting and many stopped to notice and click pictures of the setting sun.

Lady in Red
Lady in Red

I had to come out of my comfort zone to catch a brilliant sunset and some sweet moments. As I stood there speaking to myself in my mind I realized I missed having people around me for my evening walk.

iPhotograph- The Chase
Chat by the Sea

The sun slowly came down and my stubborn nature walked itself right back to the other side safe into my comfort zone.

A couple
Sweet Couple taking in the Sunset

I can never forget the thrill of catching that sunset and for a moment I thought I’d actually want people around me but my old route is charming in its way, there are many familiar faces that I see everyday and it holds a lot of memories. As a teenager it would be filled with youngsters and we spent many evenings with friends there.

The promenade
Busy Evening

So back to the same old but I know a magical sunset by the sea will draw me to the sea side once again for those chasing sunsets moments.

Hope that we have a glorious June with the rains setting in and the sweet smell of the earth. Time to get your polka dotted umbrellas out and I hope you liked taking a walk with me in iPhotograph- The Chase.

iPhotograph-The Chase
Same Old, Same Me

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