A Teacher’s Resource Book

A teacher always requires patience, kindness, a willingness to get to know her students better and sometimes the right aids help facilitate better learning.

Teacher's Resource Book
My Favorite Resource

Over the years I’ve tried to research countless resources that could help make learning fun and add some value to teaching. Yes it would ultimately make my life as a teacher easier where I wouldn’t have to work on things from scratch which often we did. When I started teaching drama I had a handbook that gave me a wealth of theatre games and activities which brought meaning to what I was teaching and I started to value drama as a subject even more.

One such theatre book was Drama Games For Classrooms And Workshops by Jessica Swale.

The book is so compact and gives you all the tiny details from the age group to the skills you maybe honing through the game and of course the rules of the theatre games, how they could be played and even variations. It is also easy to carry around with you.

I have flipped through this book a million times to find me activities to plan my lessons. It’s a beautiful resource and a gift for teachers who are passionate about teaching drama. It has been fun and interesting to watch these games unfold in class while trying to adapt it to my own classroom scenario. Every game is made such that different classes and age groups approach the game differently. It’s amazing how one simple game can be a part of so many drama lessons across different age groups over so many years.

I’ve always loved getting myself a drama resource book and going through one for the very first time is most interesting where you can already visualize how different classes would react to the different games.

Teacher's Resource Book
Theatre Games for Children

I will never forget how the resources helped me be a better teacher and believe in the subject that I loved teaching and in turn it led students to love drama class.

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