Come, Let’s Hear the Music Play!

What is music to you?

Music, my greatest companion in joy, sorrow, loneliness and when my heart says it’s time to dance.
Come, Let's Hear the Music Play!

World Music Day, or Fête de la Musique, is celebrated every year on the 21st June. The first World Music Day was observed in the year 1982 in France when people were urged to play music outdoors to participate in festivities. Since then, World Music Day has spread to other parts of the world and is now a global celebration of music. Come Let’s Hear the Music Play!

Come, Let's Hear the Music Play!
The Stage

If there’s one thing that’s been constant in my life, been there as a companion and made my soul happy, it’s music! It’s something that is a part of me. I have my headphones on so often that sometimes I’m guilty of the music playing in the background without me consciously listening.

It thrills me to discover a song I’ve never heard and embrace new tunes. I’ve had just a few opportunities to witness live music and it has always been a great joy. I make a conscious effort to keep adding to my playlists and I love having multiple playlists which evoke different emotions in me. World Music Day is special more special to some than me, but I’m going to list my top three artists of all time and their songs that I love to hear, to in a way be a part of this special day.

John Mayer has my Heart

John Mayer
John Clayton Mayer

John Mayer has got to be my favourite artist even my Spotify wrapped says so and my most played song of the year has always been Carry Me Away. I started listening to Mayer with the release of Your Body Is A Wonderland and after that song I’ve loved experiencing all his albums. To me he can make every song on the album sound great and that’s what makes him so special. Born and Raised was a memorable album especially the Age Of Worry because I felt that every song related to the season I was in at that time. The live jam during the pandemic was a very touching performance by Mayer. It makes me elated to know when a new album is being released and I always hope he would come to India for a concert.

His songs The Great Indoors and Never On The Day You Leave are my favourite although they all are soothing, cool and have great sound, these are the ones that can also evoke a few tears. John Mayer will always be my favourite artist. His current moods make it all the more personal and you get to know a little about him. He’s the best!

Bruce Springsteen The Live Wire

Bruce Springsteen
Bruce Springsteen

From the time I was a little kid Bruce Springsteen has always been an inspiration and his songs have so much depth and meaning to them with wonderfully arranged music. When I’m listening to music it’s always as if there’s a song I haven’t heard yet and you keep going deeper into his music. My favourite Springsteen songs are I’m on Fire and Missing. Reading his story in Born to Run was a wonderful experience. Springsteen is the evergreen singer and greatest legend of all time and will always be that artist I go listen to when I need a great song.

Keith Urban Country Hero

Keith Urban
Keith Urban

A little country is always needed to make you feel good inside and Keith Urban is the one country singer I absolutely love listening to. It also helps that he is a real hearthrob and comes across as an absolute sweetheart. What I love about Keith is that he seems to modulate his voice in every word that he sings and that makes him special. The CMT Crossroads concert with John Mayer and Keith Urban is one that I watch repeatedly. It has such a lovely vibe to it. The songs that are dear to me are Parallel Lines and You’ll Think of Me. They’re both great songs about relationships. Keith Urban will always be that melodic, feel good artist and I’d never stop listening to him.

Come let's hear the music play!

Music is so deep that there are a million artists out there and a million songs you haven’t listened to yet but there’s only so much time in the world. So get your headphones on and play what you like best and keep traveling on the road to music on World Music Day. The journey will make your heart dance and feel alive.

Music to look forward to

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