Faith Logs

Living in a Bubble


June brought with it the freshness of rain and simple moments. This month has been all about being homely, working on my own little projects and yes a little of living in my own bubble. I believe there’s a season for everything and this is a time for me to be near the home and find little joys. Yes I would love a night of getting loose but most of the time I rely on myself to make the magic happen like sitting out on the balcony when it’s raining at night. So this is clearly not one of my more memorable Faith Logs. I just believe this is my waiting period for better things to happen and work in my favor. Fingers crossed.

Reading Update


I’ve been a little slow on my reading and have been digging into Reading Lolita in Tehran. It has references to so many books and I know that I need to read more. There’s so much that I haven’t read and discovered yet. I feel I’m only now at this age catching up on my reading.

Threads and Canvas

The canvas gets harder to work on as the days pass but I was adamant on completing a shade or two this month and did it. I’m not really an arts and crafts kind of person so everyone at home is a little surprised I took on such a big project. In school all my art, craft and needlework would be done by mum. I just didn’t feel I had it in me to be artistic in any way. Though now I love to do simple drawings, get my paint box out sometime, sketch and doodle. It’s great therapy. It’s all very childlike but I still enjoy it. So the canvas really means something to me to put my mind to something creative.

Latest Posts

I hope that you get the time to take a look at my posts and here are some of the latest that I’ve put out there. I would really love hearing more in the post comments from you. It really makes my day.

Next Month

Faith Logs

Look out for iPhotographs– Yin and Yang, In the Heart of the Passage of my favorite children’s book and more.

To reflect on June, it has been a time that required patience and trust in all the elements of life that seem to be working or not. There’s so much that has been static and the feeling that things aren’t moving forward lead to a bit of frustration. You just have to stop holding too tightly for things that need more time and bring more positivity in your day and in your thoughts which translate into better experiences.

Faith Logs

Faith continues to bring to you ideas that generate from the heart. I hope you continue to click on Faith for some light reading, as many of my friends have shared that feedback.

I’ll wrap up this Faith Logs and hope next month is a happier and brighter one. Take care and keep smiling.

Keep the Faith always!

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