What is Happiness?

Lately I’ve been feeling a sense of frustration, a lack of any kind of achievement leading to low self esteem and a melancholy that I can’t seem to shake off. I want to do things but I only end up getting excessively worried about it and I decide not to do it at all. My relationships don’t give me that companionship and attention that I need.

What affects me most is that in my unhappiness I affect those that are close to me. I find that the less I think positively I tend to affect the people close to me in a negative way.

What would then bring me happiness which in turn I am able to radiate towards others too and attract more positive energy in a time when nothing seems to work for me?

Accepting my situation

I speak for me when I say sometimes you need to accept your situation the way it is. Forcing things to happen can only make things worse. Often I am disillusioned about the season I am in and I wish for it to somehow change dramatically. But every season has a reason and a plan and sometimes you have to accept whatever it brings with it, good or bad.

Be more light hearted

Another thing I’m not too good at is being light hearted and seeing the funny side of life. I’m way too serious about everything which makes coping all the more tougher. Trying to relax and finding humor in the moment would go a long way. I smile less than I used to which makes everything seem like a mountain.

Keep giving

When your relationships seem stuck and when you feel you can’t share things with people close to you, don’t stop giving your best to it. I often feel lost and alone and I blame my relationships for it but constantly giving out negative vibes is going to affect your circle leading to more unhappy days.

Mood Shaker

My moods play havoc with everything and I need myself a mood shaker to shake off all the pent up feelings. I often write something be it a to do list or a note to myself to help me shake off all the bad vibes. Often people don’t understand your moods, so what I do is I stay away from people when I’m in an exceptionally bad mood until I can shake it off. I try my best not to carry the mood to the next day because then it would just turn into a terribly long illness.

Happiness isn’t a thing to achieve it’s a feeling

I often attribute happiness to a good job, good relationships, friends and family. Happiness isn’t really all these things. What if you didn’t have any of it? Would a beautiful sunset still stop you from being happy? Would you stop feeling happy on listening to your favourite song?

What is Happiness?

Happiness is often nestled in tiny little fragments of your life and when the big things go missing you feel a void but if you look around like I am now the sun all warm on me and radiating as I write this. If you look around as I was saying you will still find happiness within you, you will find things to be happy about. So what if I told you I still don’t feel happy after a pep talk kind of post? It’s because I’m working on it.

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  1. Nice article Pari. I like the first point being accept the situation. To me it’s more like , stay in the moment and go through the motion knowing that this too shall pass whilst doing little things that help you change your state of mind / feelings. It helps. Sending you warm hugs!!

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