Competition is always a good thing

How has competition in school changed you? Do you have any fond memories of competitions? 

Competitions in school life have often meant trying to give it your best at something you are good at. It often leads to comparisons made but for me competitions at a school level have always meant to be far more beneficial than detrimental to a child.

This one special memory I have of when I was a child taking part in a science exhibition. My friend and I were to present a very beautifully arranged project on the theme of a balanced diet. The competitions were on a large scale and there are so many memories attached to the experience that was given to us by our science teacher. Cheering for our school when it won a few awards was a special moment. 

Competition is always a good thing

Competition is always a good thing and here’s why : –

Competitions help you polish what you are good at

Competitions often encourage you to polish a skill or talent and gives you the opportunity to showcase it and for it to be appreciated. I think participating in one gives your confidence a great boost.

Competitions lead to teamwork

Often competitions are about teamwork and learning to work with your team and not try to outshine everyone helps one contribute to the overall outcome.

Competitions bring camaraderie

Inter school competitions where the competition is very tough and challenging often leads to friendships between schools. I remember we even exchanged props once and helped the other side. This encourages children to interact with fellow peers while taking in the lighter side of competition. At the end there is always a culmination where schools applaud and cheer others.

Competition is not about winning

You could go to endless competitions and never win but participation is key for you to keep trying and honing your talents.

Competition gives an exposure to the child

Competitions also bring children out of their comfort zone and display their talents in sometimes a place they have never been to. This fosters independence in them and a chance to learn and adapt to their surroundings.

Competitions are much more than just competition 

Competition is often not meant for the purpose of beating someone at a game it is a platform for one to sustain friendships, learn teamwork, build confidence, have faith in yourself, experience something new and learn from others. It can also be a fun and enjoyable experience. Competitions may look very different on the outside but deep within it has a very significant purpose to fill in a student’s life and holistic growth.

children s team building on green grassland
Competition when done right

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