Home is where my Plants are

Nature, I have always loved. As a child I would fall asleep speaking to the tree outside our window. However, for a long time I thought I was not good with plants. I did not connect with taking care of a plant and for the most part did not miss having one at home. The only plant I remember having was a beautiful money plant. 

Home is where my plants are

My Space

So, the day when I could have my own very balcony space something which has converted into a room for me and is a place that has been positive for me, I finally decided to have some plants.

Home is where my plants are

Learning to tend to plants

I learnt in time that once you sensed what the plant needed it took very little effort really to take care of. Yes, I have had some plants die on me especially the ones I have not understood how to take care of and keep healthy. 

Home is where my plants are

Not quite a landscape but it still blooms

The little garden of sorts in my balcony has since then become one of my many joys in life. I love the anticipation of wanting a plant to flower and the worry when one does not bloom. Most of my plants are not the flowering kind and I love the different shades of green and how they flourish. On a television show I once saw, how they landscaped a garden so that there would be some blooms throughout the year. My humble balcony garden always seems to have blooms and it pleases me to no end. 

Persian Shield

There are things I have not learnt yet besides watering the plant and replenishing it with fresh soil maybe I will learn how to repot a plant one day and help it to be healthier. One thing I almost hate doing is cutting or trimming them it hurts too much to do that so I let them grow and just be.

Peace Lily

Right now, I have some peace lilies on the way and I was surprised to see them one Sunday morning tucked inside. Nature can really delight you.

Home is where my plants are

Helping them flourish in every season

Also have two plants on my desk now and it makes it feel very warm and cosy.

I am glad I passed that phase when plants did not mean that much and I love knowing I can take care of a few plants. I am not great at gauging my plants sometimes and not all are flourishing but they do well with a little love. 

For me the monsoons are the hardest I must try and protect them as much as I can and the balcony does a complete makeover during that time. Often the smallest plants have been the sturdiest during this weather. My orchid among my very first plant has weathered many storms.

Home is where my plants are

I would recommend anyone to keep a plant it is okay if you don’t know its name, or not sure what it likes, in learning to take care of it you will find out things about yourself and no matter if in a season they don’t look so bright continue to tend to them and you will see them smiling back at you. Home is where my plants are and they keep me feeling happy inside.

My garden gives me someone to look after other than myself. Find a plant you can call your own and watch it grow with you.


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