Navigating life’s pathway: Lessons learned along the way

Life I should think presents you lessons that you wouldn’t find in a textbook. It takes you down long and winding paths and with it makes you wiser at ever turn and every roadblock you experience. What are your life lessons? What are those life experiences that tested you, made you go higher even brought you to a terrible low and what did you learn by them? In navigating life’s pathways: here are some lessons learned along the way.

Navigating life’s pathways: Lessons learned along the way

Life Lesson 1:- Determination

All through life and it’s many events, it’s clear that we need a sense of determination to get through life. Sometimes even getting through the day or getting out of bed needs determination. You need determination to take your first step, learn the alphabet, study for an exam, get a job and do it well. I wouldn’t even know the kind of determination a mother needs to care for her child because I’ve never been one. We need that steely resolve to get through almost everything and life keeps reminding us to stay determined and unshakeable.


Determination a life lesson that helps you cope through every minute of your day. Don’t lose it.

Life Lesson 2:- Patience

Life doesn’t always go by your plans and the things you want and the people you want to be with maybe unattainable. Life has taught me that patience not only helps you tide through the time but also brings about an inner calm and contentment which makes you wait for what you truly want with a peaceful heart. Patience can be everything especially when you’re going through a heavy phase.

Patience Navigating life's pathway: Lessons learned along the way.

Patience a life lesson that brings in you calmness and serenity. It will help you flow through life.

Life Lesson 3:- A Sense of Humour

When you’re living and leading a life you have to keep that sense of humor because life has a strange sense of humor. Just when things are going right they go terribly wrong, patterns repeat, seasons you thought may have passed return and life has a way of putting you back to square one. In all this if you can’t laugh at yourself you’re just going to be terribly unhappy.

A sense of humour

A sense of humor a life lesson telling us to laugh through the mundane, the grief and even the happy times. Stop smiling and you stop living.

Life Lesson 4:- Belief

You can’t survive in a world that’s constantly turning if you don’t have belief in yourself. Life doles out circumstances that are both painful and happy your way to teach you to dig down deep for your inner strength and keep renewing it when you’ve stopped using it. Believe and things will happen, draw out that reserve of strength in you even when you think you have lost it and that is one of life’s greatest lessons.


Belief a life lesson to help you draw out your inner reserves and keep moving. Believe even when you’re weary.

Life Lesson 5:- Empathy

Often we go through life being mindful only about our own thoughts, goals and needs. Life has taught me many times that I need to be more empathetic of how someone’s day maybe going or why someone behaved in a certain way. This is one life lesson that I just haven’t quite imbibed. While I recognize that people are empathetic towards me, I still struggle to reciprocate the empathetic feelings. We often ruin relationships when we don’t have a sense of empathy and life keeps reminding me that I need to be mindful of people’s emotions too just the way I am of mine.

Empathy Navigating life's pathway: Lessons learned along the way.

Empathy a life lesson to teach us that while we struggle others do too. Be kind in your journey with people.

Navigating life’s pathway: Lessons learned along the way

Life with its twists and turns tutors us to never grow too habituated with happiness, learn to overcome difficult times, never stop learning things about yourself and constantly have the faith that life has got your back even though you may think it has not.

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