Red- The Dream in a Little Novelette

One morning about a month after I quit my teaching job at a school I loved going to, I felt an urge to write. Write not in my diary of to dos, plans and lost love but write something else. Armed with pen and paper I decided to first write something that came from the heart. An amateur at writing I needed to write something relatable, of experiences and observations and so I wrote.

I have to admit that I took it as an experiment to learn a new skill, to be able to tell a story and to create something that would always mean something to me. It became a project one I paced out writing once sometimes twice a week.

I let things flow because I wasn’t good at tearing things down and starting from scratch and stuck to what I knew best.

Slowly after seeing the words being typed out, edited and formatted “Red” started to emerge.

Now with “Red” also the dream emerged to be able to write and being practical always, write for a living and be aligned with something that would invoke in readers an emotion and let my creativity flow.

To be able to let the dream come to its full realization I had to try and put out my first very tender and vulnerable little novelette my first baby “Red” out there.

I had to be strong to let others read it, question it, trash it or perhaps be put up on a shelf. With very little knowledge on the matter, no one to speak to it about and a little research I started sending book proposals out in hopes that someone would appreciate what I had taken time to write.

After months and a few publishers I hit a roadblock. I didn’t have a Plan B. Here I’d like to say that even though the book may seem unfinished, unpolished, it had a story to tell and with the nine stories that followed, they seem to hold the same vein. In patiently waiting my resolve to see “Red” out there deepened.

Then while carelessly researching self publishing, something I imagined very difficult to do. Bring out a book on my own? I didn’t even know what an ISBN was. Could I do this alone? So while researching I chanced upon OrangeBooks Publication and loved their website. Some friends helped me with some guiding words and insights into self publishing which gave me some courage.

A little discussion with family and I was all set to take this step although still waited another month to plunge in.

I didn’t realize how exciting it could be to work for my book. I called it ‘Work for Red’ in my purple planner.

The work that followed thrilled me, every morning finding out what would come next in the publishing process, from making inputs in the cover design, interior book design, editing and proofreading to the technical aspects. I was learning every day and had to be patient for the final outcome. Not quite the pro I had to go with the flow of it and learn to make contributions too.

Red for me is what a butterfly signifies. That hope and transformation can triumph even though there maybe restrictions on your physical realm and those restrictions can persist but it can’t stop you from your own sweet victory.

I sincerely hope you give yourself the chance to read my first novelette “Red.” Every dream starts with a little courage in your self and the faith to see it through. Be a part of my humble dream.

Red- The Dream in a Little Novelette

“Red” delves into the intricate connection between Sarah Ansari’s life and her underlying struggle with mental illness, unravelling a profound mystery. Born into a modest middle-class family in the serene suburb of Bandra, Sarah’s world revolves around her hardworking father, Tariq Ansari, her mother, Salma Ansari, courageously battling schizophrenia, and her ever-doting brother, Imran Ansari. The narrative unfolds from her formative years to the challenges she faces in adolescence, culminating in the diagnosis of her mental illness. Through the trials and tribulations that persist into her adulthood, Sarah embarks on a profound journey that leads to a life-altering revelation.

Additionally, the narrative is enriched by a collection of nine poignant stories exploring the themes of love and life, drawn from the author’s blog, “Faith.”

🦋Available on Preorder:-

OrangeBooks BookStore

Visit the Just Me page for easy access to links for “Red.”

Happy Reading!

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  1. So proud of you Pari. Can’t wait to read your little baby “Red”.

    It’s amazing how you went through the whole publishing process by yourself and finally got your book out there. This took a lot of patience, dedication and courage. This is just the beginning and more to come! 🙂

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