The Wait

They lived across from her. An elderly couple leading their lives. What broke her heart was the way the old lady looked out the window as if waiting for someone.

She was quite the eavesdropper and noticed how empty their lives were. The man and woman never even spoke to each other. He would eat his meals in silence.

She once passed by the old lady speaking to one of her neighbours. She was telling her that her son would be returning home soon. She was so filled with excitement and her face radiated with joy.

The Wait

She was happy that the old lady had something to look forward to and the way she waited everyday longingly her happy time would soon arrive. She bumped into the same neighbour one day and they started speaking of things. The neighbour told her that the old lady was crazy. Her son had left years ago to settle in the States and never returned after that. The old woman would tell everyone how he was going to return soon. She would look down the lane every day to wait for him.

That evening she looked over to their house and the old lady was staring quietly ahead lost in thought. Her heart went out to their lonely lives. In the morning the old lady would look out of her window again waiting for her son who never cared and had moved on.

She knew there were a lot of lonely people in the world with heart-breaking lives and perhaps the reason why she looked into their window was because she was one of them.

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