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What do you love about where you live?

My Happy Place

Everyone has a certain kind of sync with where they live whether it is their home or the hood. You vibe according to the place and without realizing it becomes a big part of who you are. There is no place like home and no matter where you may travel to, the place where you live tugs at you and calls you back. Imagine a street that you walk by since you were a kid and the different memories you have associated to it, that you walk down that street even now is amazing. The place where you live connects people, events and moments in your life without you realizing it.


The Three Things I Love about where I Live

My Space

My Space

I’d like to start with my home. I’ve lived there all my life with the building going through a redevelopment once. It is filled with nostalgia of childhood friends, growing up in the 80s and neighbours that came and went. I have my own space now in the balcony one which brings me immense joy. It’s a positive space for me and I do all my thinking, writing, looking for ideas and plain dreaming there. It’s my hang out and it brings in me deep contentment. Do you have a balcony that you absolutely love to cozy up in? What makes it special for you?

By the Sea

The Hood

We often take for granted that we live so close to the sea but there is no greater joy for me to walk through the lane and be greeted by the sea everyday. The promenade lends a certain busy atmosphere and it’s great for your morning walks, sitting and having a chat or just looking out to the sea. When we were younger as teens it would be our hang out and we would spend hours chatting. As I grow older the solitary walks I take bring in me a sense of calmness and rejuvenation whether it is in the early morning light or at a beautiful sunset. Living near the beach is like second nature to me. I can’t imagine life without it.

The Buzz

The Hood

Our area is always alive with theatre auditoriums hosting theatre festivals, music festivals at the promenade and we also have our own Celebrate Bandra festival. We always stay connected to the arts and culture through different programs hosted all year round. These festivals always create a buzz and everything comes alive during that time.

Sometimes it’s hard to find a place to live which resonates with your nature. My hood has not only brought me a home to live but it has been instrumental in shaping my life where my careers took me to teaching in different schools here. My hood is a beautiful amalgamation of yesteryears nostalgia, peaceful moments by the sea, a bustling neighborhood, music at the amphitheater and someone to say hello to at every corner.

The place where I live, the hood dwells in my heart.

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