iPhotograph- The Moon

I recently took some very raw and basic shots of the moon, and surprisingly, they brought out my poetic side. While the shots may not be the greatest in quality, they did provide a special and intimate moment between the moon and me. If you’re interested, I invite you to come and explore my poetic thoughts on the moon in iPhotograph- The Moon.

The Moon is forever in me

What secrets does the moon hold for us?

Does it bring about a certain change?

Will I have closure and the end of many regrets?

The moon it captures my heart.

Does the moon hang low where my lover lives?

Does it bring back whispers of him?

Does he look up at it and think of me?

The moon it unravels my heart.

Do the clouds want to hide the gleam of the moon?

Does the moon torment one’s deeper soul?

Do you live by the waxing and waning of the moon?

The moon it rules my soul.

Does the moon shine its brilliance to awaken the night?

Does it call out to the coyotes in the black of the night?

Is it the only light in a deep dense forest?

The moon it is so enigmatic.

The moon does it still dance when stars shimmer in the sky?

Does it smile when there’s a shooting star across the sky?

Does it gleam with the twinkle of a star?

The moon it dances with the stars.

Sometimes I look out on a full moon light

The moon it seems to speak to me

I capture it, it’s mine now

The moon is forever in me!

iPhotograph- The Moon a few simple and intimate pictures of times I connected with the moon and it has been right above me sharing its’s wondrous secrets. What are your thoughts of the moon?

I hope your November turns out to be mysterious and magical like the moon. May all your wishes come true as we approach the end of the year. Even if they don’t happen immediately, good things could still be in store for you. Enjoy this beautiful iPhotograph- The Moon and have a happy November!

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