Faith Logs

Hello! So even though I barely get a reader or two on some days here I am still putting out Faith Logs for you. Well yes because I’m faithful. I live on those moments when someone takes the time to tell me they liked an article it really makes my day. I haven’t figured out blogging in most ways but I know it’s purely personal but that I also like it to be shared and to be read and to be loved.

I’m going to break down my October for you, this Faith Logs it’s been rather slow but very peaceful.

The Get Up and Get Going Week

Faith Logs
Really Liked this Pin

I always start the month on a really high note. A fresh month is almost like a new start. I took pleasure in getting my walks outside. Doesn’t walking do wonders for your inner self? I had a couple of low days but nothing I couldn’t pull myself back up from again.

Slow as a Snail Week

Billboard Art

Now one minute I’m up and then the next I’m battling with extreme lethargy. So I completely slowed down but felt better by the end of the week and yes completed it with a nice refreshing walk a little after sunset. I was glad I was able to get some movement.

Canvassing Kind of Week

The canvas I’m working on is showing some progress and I decided to devote a lot of this week to it. I love that it’s slowly inching to a finish though it will still be awhile till I’m done. I’ve never picked up a project so vast and that would take up so much time and patience.

When you’re wondering what to log in Faith Logs Week

Faith Logs

I love putting out Faith Logs I think it has some spunk but I’m always wondering how to cover for the entire month and this is when I reassess in a sort of way and account for the month gone by.

Latest Posts

I would love to get you up to speed with the most recent posts. Please have a look won’t you?

Not without a song


Here’s a song I especially liked among the new releases. It’s Sara by Darius Rucker from his album Carolyn’s Boy. What have you been listening to?


Have you ever done something that doesn’t bear any results but makes you happy doing it just the same? For me Faith makes me happy even though I don’t see some kind of gain in anyway. I still love working on Faith and keeping it alive for the readers that do walk in and take a moment. Hope you have a moment next month for Faith.

Faith Logs reminds you to continue doing what makes you happy, keep that spunk alive and keep bringing in positivity in your life.

Keep the Faith Always!

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