iPhotograph- Just Another Day in Paradise

iPhotograph has always been about collages, so this time I tried to focus on a picture, a fleeting moment that touched my heart. iPhotograph- Just Another Day in Paradise is a look at the feelings behind a special moment.

iPhotograph- Just Another D

Something about photographs that when you take them you feel they’re the most beautiful picture you have taken. I’ve always loved photographs whether behind a camera or happily getting one of mine clicked. I think I got the penchant from my dad because he loved cameras.

I wish I would work harder at learning photography and get a camera and learn how to use one but for now the phone works best.

This picture was taken in Goa and it’s my favourite click. We were having such a relaxing day and in a holiday spirit by the beach. It was a peaceful moment when this man walks across with a sack on his head oblivious to the enjoyment around. It was just another day for him heading home from his work. What felt to me like just another day in paradise for him.

I also loved how the picture took on a blur. The subject of my image stood out against the even more stunning backdrop. The picture for me had a certain serenity to it.

It was a moment that instantly touched my heart, one I connected to and I was happy I could capture it the way I saw it in my head.

This was my iPhotograph this month a glimpse into a memory of a beautiful day at the beach.

Here’s a quote that I liked which expresses iPhotograph- Just Another Day in Paradise for me.

This is what I like about photographs. They’re proof that once, even if for just a heartbeat, everything was perfect.
-Jodi Picoult

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