Faith Logs

The month started with me sharing an April to do list and I’m going to give you an insight into whether I ticked them all off and where I went wrong. Here’s a little Faith Logs for you.


Find your confidence

This month I did gather up courage to push a project I was working on to another stage. I had confidence that the work I put in deserved a chance. Confidence is something I have to keep striving for and sometimes you may not be the best at something but it’s worth the effort to give it a try. A boost of confidence from time to time really helps you believe in yourself.

Take a bold step

Yes I did find confidence and taking a bold step went hand in hand. It felt good doing something that I really wanted.

Work on the canvas

Faith Logs

My canvas my long term project is going strong and I was able to fill in a few more shades. It really gives me peace of mind to work on it and really tests my patience with it.

Make a summer dessert

I really wanted to try this recipe but didn’t have the time. Here’s the link to the wonderful ➡️ thandai pudding I’m most tempted to try out.

Be Patient

Things don’t always work on the plan you have in mind and I’ve resigned to be patient through this awkward phase I’m going through and not letting it deter me from what I wish to pursue. From what you’ve learnt from my canvassing I’m quiet the patient sort but not always.

Look ahead

That’s a tough one because I’m not sure what to look ahead for because everything is in a bit of limbo. So there’s a to do I’m not doing too well with.

Here are some of my latest posts and although sometimes I don’t know what to blog about it’s always fun to start a blog from scratch and see it develop. I keep reading articles where they emphasize on a blog being useful and that’s something my blog isn’t but it is something you would like to relax with. I hope.

Reading for me has been a genre of books about books and reading and I’m really enjoying them.


I completed The Book Collectors by Delphine Minoui and will do a In the Heart of a Passage soon with it.

Currently have on my desk are:-

Reading Lolita in Tehran by Azar Nafisi

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

I have not done anything that has been really fun this month, not really except gave myself a day to play with some paint. I’m no artist but painting helps me relax almost like reading a book I get absorbed in it.

Faith Logs

April has had its ups and downs, but life can be a little like that. A little shout out to my dear friend Chezereen for encouraging me on all my posts and my sister always for sharing them. I always need more on my team so keep following and sharing Faith to your world.

Faith Logs Quotes- Faith makes things possible not easy.

Keep the Faith always!

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  1. Thanks Pari for the mention. It really humbled me as you are a dear friend and I like your blog’s. It’s relatable and straight from the heart

  2. I particularly like this post because I’m going through a similar phase of feeling like I am stuck in a limbo. There are still some aspirations I would like to fulfill like doing what a like for myself amidst my busy schedule. A monthly check list or goal is what I am been aiming at creating for myself to help me take a step forward at the time. My aim for May ( hopefully).

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