Never Mind, Never Mind

Around the late 1700s, the expression “never mind it” arose. The function of the phrase was to tell people not to worry about something or not to trouble themselves. For example, if a child accidentally spilled a glass of water, the mother might reply “Never mind it, child; it’s just water.” Later, the expression was truncated to “never mind.

Never mind, Never Mind
Never Mind

Lately I keep using this expression ‘never mind.’ Maybe it’s a kind of escape or even comforting in a sense because my life’s in a different kind of phase. One that I’ve been through before so I don’t enjoy going through it again. So if I can’t have something go my way I just say well never mind. The words seem to give me a sort of acceptance of what is and that I might take time to change things. It’s also when I feel someone isn’t listening to me I go never mind!

Here’s a little ode to Never Mind

Never mind lonely hearts and desperate summers

Never mind nights spent at the hospital and disease

Never mind the rich and the poor with their rags

Never mind the music some can’t hear 

Never mind the photographs one never did see

Never mind the parties and the addictions

Never mind broken families and bombs in Ukraine

Never mind the suicides attempted and words never spoken 

Never mind being jobless and feeling stuck 

Never mind the constant hate on the television 

Never mind wars when there could be peace

Never mind living life like a refugee never belonging 

Never mind showing what’s not on Insta

Never mind losing your privacy

Never mind harming your pets for a decent reel

Never mind abusing nature knowing it needs care

Never mind the therapy that never helps

Never mind the constant voices in your head

Never mind never calling a friend

Never mind wanting to be there near the end

Never mind being dead underneath

Never mind the heartbreak and long distances 

Never mind the letters you never really send

Never mind that you’re growing old but haven’t lived yet

Never mind pain and no joy

Never mind, Never mind

Never mind is what we really feel when we don’t care enough to do anything that mattered. We just accept things the way they are and the world keeps racing. Maybe that’s how we keep a balance between joy and sorrow, good and evil, life and death. The world it keeps churning no one ever really cares. Never mind!

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