The Bluetooth Speaker and Me

Sometimes things take on a meaning in your life. You begin to become synonymous with them. They’re something you can’t do without and lend you a meaning to the work you are doing.

When I started teaching after a long break in a school close to home as a drama teacher I was made responsible for planning small skits and plays for certain events. As an amateur drama teacher it took me awhile to plan scripts, get a cast organized and guiding the students through the process of a final performance. I realized after a couple of skits that I wanted to bring music as an element in those skits even if only for a finale song. The phone didn’t help because often we didn’t have access to a microphone and the students couldn’t gauge the idea behind the music because they couldn’t hear it and instructions given were hard to follow. That’s when I started to bring in a Bluetooth speaker. The students were most thrilled to have it around and they would often tease me when I would be trying to turn one on. The Bluetooth started to become like family for the drama group always omnipresent.

In time with the help of the Bluetooth my selections for music improved and I slowly even began to have courage to choreograph some dances with the help of the students. The music it lent started having meaning to the skits we did.

Everyone wanted to listen in for the music it played. We began to make more use of it and it became a gadget that I couldn’t do without. The students would know if I had to replace it and when I had it upgraded. It became everyone’s baby.  They knew how precious it was to me and often tossed it around to play with me.

It’s amazing how a gadget can turn your life around sometimes and it’s not only useful but also holds a special meaning.

The bluetooth speaker and me

It seems like only yesterday when my life revolved around school but right now at this point there are no skits, plays or the wonderful children it’s just my Bluetooth speaker and me.

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