A Road Less Traveled

What is your career plan?

It’s okay to go off the beaten track to discover something new.


We are often known by our careers. They become our identity so much that people stop recognizing you when you don’t have work. There are some of us who are steadfast in our career paths and keep moving up the ladder. Reaching goals and achievements become a way of life. There are some who are drifters that have no set goal and are open to exploring new avenues and offbeat career paths. Although I’ve taught for a great many years, I feel myself lately a bit of a drifter

Take that leap

A New Path

It can be challenging sometimes to explore a new career path, one that you’ve never been on before. It can be daunting when you are a novice at something you’d love to be good at. 

I don’t have a career plan at the moment but writing soothes me which is why I took up blogging. My path right now is sketchy but one I know I have to work harder at. It’s a time of trials and tribulations.

There maybe times when you need to go off the beaten track and it’s fine as long as you have the means to stay afloat. The feeling though will be wonderful when you’re trying to learn something new and out of the ordinary. The process can be long and frustrating at times but you need to trust, that just as you took baby steps at your first job, this is exactly like doing the same thing. You will only get better at it with time and experience.

A Road Less Traveled

A Road Less Traveled

So yes my career plans revolve around something new and also detaching myself to what has been familiar for so many years. Don’t be afraid to follow dreams that are in the backseat and strive for passions you want to see grow. Sometimes we need to take the road less traveled because new experiences may make your life more worthwhile. You may find happiness in a completely new direction and maybe more roads will open up and pathways you didn’t know existed reveal themselves. Courage is key to letting go what was familiar to you and embrace the new with an open heart. A new direction would infuse your life with fresh dreams and possibilities and renew your faith in yourself to work harder and smarter.

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