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Dreaming of Dandelions

Dandelion- Faith Logs

This month something drew me to dandelions. I wanted to see one for some reason. I’m not sure if I’ve seen one and never noticed it or knew what it was called. I’ve had this vision in my mind of a dandelion and yes I wanted to blow the seeds off it. Perhaps I thought so much about dandelions is because I had wishes that needed to come true for me or that I was more than what I thought myself to be. Have you ever felt close to something in nature before? I know dragonflies are very symbolic and I’ve always felt special when I’ve been surrounded by them. So yes I thought of dandelions this month and here’s Faith Logs for you.

It’s fine I’m fine everything is fine

Faith Logs

I’ve had to keep telling myself that things are fine and that I’m fine and everything is fine. What do you do when you’re kind of stuck? It makes me go back to a game we played as kids ‘Stuck in the Mud’ you were stuck in the mud until somebody could release you by crawling under your legs. It was such a funny, boisterous game. I feel the same way I feel I’m stuck and something or someone has to release me in some way. Ahhh! But that’s old news.

Hate the Telly

Movie Time

I’m absolutely averse to television so decided for a change to watch a Netflix movie on my mobile device. A Man called Otto and the Wham! documentary were both interesting and fun to watch and provided good distraction. Otto really symbolized how we would sometimes want to end our lives but there’s always good things in store and also a kind of be careful what you wish for because he ultimately died and gets his wish. It was nice to go deeper into Wham!, read about my reminisce of a Wham! memory here.

Rain Walks with me and Rain Walks with her

Rain Walk

I decided to brave the weather and set out for a rain walk one day. I really enjoyed it walking alone on the street where I live. It was refreshing and memorable.

On the other hand my most faithful friend and I were able to spend some time taking a beautiful rain walk this week, catching up on our conversation, getting a warm snack at our local bakery and having a carefree time. I’m always grateful for these moments shared with her because she’s such a free spirit flowing beautifully into all her days.

AI Confessions

So here’s a little confession sometimes I like to put a blog out there but I don’t have the necessary knowledge or information for it. So I’ve been using the powers of ChatGPT for some of my posts. If I sound a little funny to you and too technical know that I’ve had a little help from a Genie.


I’ve picked up a few short reads to go a little easy on me and speed up my reading. I’ve started off with Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse a book about spirituality and finding your self. There have been book lists that I’ve touched upon; reading a book and on an Instagram post which I’d love to discover for next year. So I have some good suggestions lined up for me and a lot of reading to warm my heart.

Latest Posts

I had very few visitors this month and it was a little disheartening but you still have time to look into some of the most recent posts here in Faith Logs. Let me know if you like any.

Dandelion Inspiration


I have a dandelion heart at present feeling much like a weed growing wild but I know my thoughts and dreams are powerful and my puffball of wishes will perhaps one day come true.

It’s a dandelion of a Faith Logs wrap for now!

Happy Day!

Keep the Faith Always!

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