Faith Logs

Have a little faith and you’ll find some wishes come true. This month I got my dandelion wish, never thought it would come true so soon, traveled to a beautiful valley with eight amazing and bold women, made some beautiful memories and found some renewed energy in me to never give up on my pursuits. This is Faith Logs for you.


Postcard from Heaven

My sister and I set out on a secret vacation never knowing what to expect organized by a brave young woman that I know. It was a trip packed with adventure and sweet moments and lifted my spirits. It also took me well out of my comfort zone and it was a much needed cool change.

Look out in the coming months for more on the trip because I’d love to journal it.

Gurez Valley
Gurez Valley

The Pursuit is on

I’m looking for a career change and I’m not giving up on finding something that I’d love to do. I was glad that I’m taking on learning experiences to better understand what I’d like to do even though it is a slow process. Sometimes you’re meant to take some chances in life even though you don’t know quite where you’re heading.

Patriotic Moment

Razdan Pass

Our trip was planned around our Independence Day and visiting the Razdan Pass gave us a patriotic feeling. Razdan Pass, (sometimes Rajdhan Pass) is a 3,556 m (11,667 ft) high mountain pass in the Himalayas of Jammu and Kashmir, India. It connects the Gurez Valley in the north to the Kashmir Valley in the south, and is located in the Bandipora district.

The pass is the only route connecting Gurez with the rest of the world. The pass connects dozens of remote and far-flung areas, including those near the Line of Control with the district headquarter of Bandipora, and is of strategic importance. The Harmukh mountain, the highest peak in the surrounding area, is also visible from here.

Latest Posts

I hope you’ve stayed tuned into Faith this month. Here are the latest posts if you haven’t seen any.

Next Month

Faith Logs

You can look out for posts in iPhotograph on memories of my childhood holiday, why it ain’t over till it’s over, in Ek Kahaani a story on Ellie and more.

Time to Wrap Faith Logs

Life sometimes gives you some pleasant surprises too and they come at a time when you most need them. I’d just like to say never say no to these sweet distractions and try to embrace the wild ride they take you on.

Faith Logs

Keep the Faith Always!

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