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If it’s not time yet, breathe and try to carry on, carry on. ~ Faith Logs

What do you do when you sense the year coming to a close and you feel you’ve just gone around in circles? Well you don’t stop trying. Chances are ninety percent of you have had a great year filled with accomplishments, hard work and dreams come true. Kudos to you! The ten percent like me may still be looking for answers. Come, take a look at my Faith Logs!

Planner Truths

What I’ve learnt nine months into this year is some things just won’t work if it’s not the time for it. I also realized that things you may not have worked or strived for might just come true out of the blue.

I looked into my purple planner to find what I had been missing or didn’t do quite right. Among the very first few pages were a list of goals I had randomly written while I worked hard on each and every one of them without any results the very last one I didn’t have much hope for did come true. I packed a bag and traveled although I was so out of sorts the entire trip. It was the right time for it so it clicked easily with a little help from family and friends. Travel no matter how spontaneous changes you and it brought in me a sense of renewed motivation.

So September? It’s really gone by in a blur. It’s pretty much the same old story. I’m trying to push myself, the anxious one but everything just gets harder. No I still have a smile on my face and life goes on.

What’s been special this month although is hard to say. I’ll still give it a shot though.

Sunrise, Sunrise


I’ve all of a sudden turned into a morning person and it works quite well for me. I have the whole day to space out my to dos although I’m guilty of getting a blissful afternoon nap later. It’s a big shift for me and a bad habit changed.

Reading Steinbeck

John Steinbeck

Lately, I’ve been engrossed in reading John Steinbeck’s short stories – The Pearl and Of Mice and Men. I couldn’t help but notice the recurring theme of struggling to maintain one’s true identity in society and the inevitable judgment that comes with it. I loved East of Eden and would want to do a In the heart of the passage with it but it’s been a long time and I can’t recollect all the great moments. I remember the antagonist of the book clearly Cathy Ames. The author portrayed her so well that I wondered why she was so evil and the entire book I wished she would disappear. The power of words. All great books to read.

Podcast Time

Thought I would catch a podcast instead of music one Saturday night. Maed in India (still a music podcast) to celebrate 300 episodes of the show brought in the iconic band Zero. The show was full of memorable and witty anecdotes from the band mates with a set list of three of their songs. I loved how the band said when things weren’t working their way they wouldn’t say we’re not going to play. They would go ahead and fix it. Also the ingenious and out of the box way they would go about it was interesting to hear. I’m definitely going to listen to more of Mae and discover a band I’ve only heard so much of till now but never experienced. There was a poll for their songs. Was PSP 12” your favorite Zero song too?

A Thairapy Kind of Day

When nothing is giving you that motivation, your wishes won’t come true and you’re feeling just a little laidback, it’s time for a day at Thairapy my one and only salon. Doesn’t pampering yourself for a day feel great inside and out? @thairapy.khar have a way of making you feel at ease and making your experience therapeutic as the name suggests. Also I feel all brand new ready to take on the world again if I have to. A new hairdo means a new you!

Faith Logs in Posts

Ummmm so I’m getting the feeling many of you aren’t giving Faith a look. Please do because I would love it. It’s never too late to look at some of the most recent posts. Send me an honest comment. It’s quiet here.

Tip of the Day

Faith Logs

Okay this is a sign I should leave. Will take a minute to share again that the idea behind Faith Logs was that as a teacher I would constantly have to fill logbooks. So I continue to practice it.  A note to my school and children. Miss you loads.

Life is like a cycle keep pedaling and when you can’t, kick your feet up and browse Faith.

Keep the Faith always!

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